Core Technology

Core Technology:

As a technology oriented company, Viking Tech is devoted to Thin Film/Thick Film process development on various substrates (Si, Ceramic and Glass) to meet different customers' requirements in various applications. With its experienced RF design team, and backed up by advanced EM simulation software, Viking Tech is able to design and manufacture RF passive devices and Passive IC-integrated passive devices (IPD).

Viking Tech uses its high level Thin Film technologies for Precision Chip Resistors, Current Sensing Resistors and High Frequency Chip Inductors. Thin Film technology offers significant advantages over conventional thick film products in terms of tighter tolerance, greater stability, lower noise and lower Temperature Coefficients (TC). Furthermore, it offers superior high frequency performance with minimal parasitic inductance and capacitance.

Viking is an ISO-9001/ISO-14001 certified company with superior quality products to ensure Customer Satisfaction. We are continually developing innovative new products and have a company-wide commitment to continuous improvement. With high yield rates, a lean manufacturing system, flexible customer service and short leadtimes, Viking is quickly becoming one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

Product Introduction:

SMD Inductor:


High Frequency Ceramic Chip Inductor
Thin film inductor : ( AL series ) Small size of 0201

A Photo Lithographic single layer inductor, Stable inductance in high frequency circuit. Tight tolerance of ±1%,±2% or ±0.1nH, Miniature size of 0201/0402/0603, High SRF, Excellent Q
Wire Wound inductor: (WL series) High SRF, Q , Small size, Wide range
Miniature wire wound chip inductor for fully automated assembly. Wire-wound ceramic construction providing high self resonant frequency and superior high Q, stable solderability. Complete size for 0402/0603/0805/1008/1206, Tight tolerance of ±5%,2%
Multilayer inductor : ( CL series ) Large Capacity, Low cost
For wide 3C (computer, communication, Consumer) applications. High Q, High SRF, Wide inductance range, Tight tolerance of ±5%,±10% or ±0.3nH, Miniature size of 0402/0603/0805,
Application: Cell phone, Pager, Wireless LAN, GPS, VCO, TCXO Circuit , RF transceiver module, Bluetooth module, EMI Countermeasure in RF circuit , High Frequency Communication, Broad band, IT applications.


Power Inductor
Complete sizes and different material for different application need. High current, Low RDC,
Compact, Low profile, Shielded and Un-shielded available, Miniature chip inductor wound on
special ferrite cores.
Application: Pagers, Cell phone, PC, Laptop, DC-DC Converter, DC Power supply, LCD TV

Chip Resistor


Thin Film Precision Resistor: (AR/PR series)
Thin Film Passivated NiCr Resistor with Very tight tolerance ±0.01%, 0.1%~1%, Extremely low TCR 5,10,15,25,50ppm, Wide R-Value range. Anti-corrosive capability, Long Term life stability , low noise.
Application: Automotive , Motherboard, Industrial equipment, Automatic equipment controller, Medical equipment, Telecom Device, Testing/Measurement equipment, Converter, Cell phone


Current Sense Chip Resistor: (CS/TCS series)
Thin Film /Thick Film process for low TCR 50/100ppm, 3W in a 1225 package size, Very low ohm from 1mohm-1ohm, High purity alumina substrate for high power dissipation, Complete size of 0201/0402/0603/0805/1206/2010/2512/3720/7520/1225
Application: Power Management , Switching power supply, Voltage Regulation Module, DC-DC converter, Battery pack, Charger, Adaptor, Automotive engine control, Disk driver, PDA, Cell phone


Ultra low ohm (Metal Strip) Chip Resistor: (LR series)
High Wattage rating up to 3W, Low TC 50,100ppm, Ultra low ohm from 0.5m to 22mohm,
Tolerance of 1%,5%. Without laser trimmed with very low inductance, Customized resistance
Application: Notebook/Mother board/Monitor for power management, DC-DC converter,
Charger, Adaptor


Thick Film Resistor/R Array Resistor (CR/RA series)
Completed sizes of 0201/0402/0603/1210/1206/2010/2512,Tolerance of ±5%,1%, Large capacity, Fast delivery, efficient cost control, High Power, Wide resistance range for 1Ω~39MΩ, Resistor Array (8P4R,4P2R) is available

Chip Capacitor:


Multilayer chip Capacitor/ Capacitor Array (MC/CA series)
Completed sizes of 0201/0402/0603/1210/1206/1210/1812 Tolerance of ±10%,5%,1%, Voltage from 6.3V~3KV,Material of NPO,X7R,X5R,Y5V,High Voltage, High Q, Low ESR, Low inductance, High Frequency are available.

NEW Products:


Wire-Bondable Chip Resistor (WB series)
Miniature size of 0201/0402, Thick Film / Thin Film, Tolerance of ±0.1%~10%, Low TCR 25 ppm/℃
Resistance range is 10Ω~100KΩ, Single Bonding pad and Two bonding pads are available, Use in LED current Controller or min-module, Hybrid Circuit